Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Review: Food Lovers' Guide to New Jersey

I asked last week if anyone had read Food Lovers' Guide to New Jersey by Peter Genovese, and I did end up picking it up. There's a specific section about South Jersey, and I got some great information about resources of local foods that I didn't know about.

There's a list of farmers markets in the region and farms & farm stands. There's also a list of food happenings like the Vineland Dandelion Festival that occurred a month ago or some of the many strawberry, blueberry and peach festivals that celebrate some of our state's finest produce. Chapters on food made here, specialty stores & markets, places to learn to cook, places to learn about wine, brewpubs & microbreweries, and the wine trail round out the SJ section.

This is the second edition of the book published in 2008, and as will happen with any book about local businesses a few of the places will inevitably be gone - like Olga's Diner in the Landmark Eateries section.

Not every item in the book has to do with food produced locally, but there is quite a bit here for locavores to eat up. It's going to be a great source of information as I work on adding content to this blog. It will also be a great resource for planning weekend food themed excursions.

The other sections in this book are North Jersey, Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore.



Blogger pinkpackrat said...

Now this sounds interesting. I'm in central Jersey and definitely think this is worth a read:-)

May 1, 2009 at 6:09 AM  

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