Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An iPhone app for Locavores

I wrote about this on my food blog on Mother Nature Network, but it's worth mentioning here, too. A new application for the iPhone has been created to help locavores find local food. It's named, aptly, Locavore.

The app uses the GPS system in your iPhone to determine your location, then it points you to markets that sell local foods, tells you what's in season, and lets you know what's in season elsewhere.

It sells for $2.99 from the iTunes store. I downloaded it onto my iPhone, and when I first got it, it correctly placed my location. Now, for some reason, it's placing my location in Pennsylvania, and pointing me to markets that aren't particularly local. The maker of the app is accepting quesitons and recommendations, and seems like he's willing to make improvements.

There isn't much information on Locavore that can't be found online, but I think that the app will come most in handy for me when I'm on vacation or visiting a friend - helping me find local foods when I'm in an unfamiliar area.

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